6 Nov 2006

It's Guy Fawkes Night!

5 November is an important day for the United Kingdom. That’s the date back in 1605 when Guy Fawkes (1570-1606) tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament!

Guy Fawkers was one of the members of Gunpowder Plot which was a group of Catholics. Gunpowder Plot led by Robert Catesby (1573-1605) attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament in Westminster on the evening of 5 November 1605 when the Protestant King James I (James VI of Scotland) (1566-1625) was within its walls. Of course, they failed to do that. Therefore, people celebrate their failure annually now, i.e. fireworks displays in towns and villages across the country!

Let’s watch the fireworks display at Glasgow Green now.

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At 08 November, 2006 02:57, Anonymous greenpasture said...

The Guy Fawkes night always reminds me of Chinese New Year eve, especially nowadays all the fire crackers are made in China. Our neighbourhood was so noisy with all the fireworks, just as if tomorrow would be Chinese New Year.

At 08 November, 2006 03:41, Blogger 碧绿荷塘 said...

Yupe, we thought we were in Malaysia last few weeks because our muslim neighbours played fireworks too.
But not sure they played to celebrate Hari Raya Puasa or Guy Fawkes Night.

At 09 November, 2006 19:44, Blogger 碧绿荷塘 said...

Just read a news from the paper.
The title is "Bumfire night" and the subtitle is "Flaming idiot shows how not to light a firework".
For those who feel this might be interesting, please click here.


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