16 Jul 2006

It's Holiday!

Tomorrow is Glasgow’s public holiday. I’m so happy that I can have three days off from the hospitals and patients.

Yeah, we all like holidays, especially those who are working. A friend of mine who I met in Glasgow said, “Why don’t we just work four days a week?” One of my ex-colleagues in Malaysia said the same thing too. Sigh! Looks like no matter where we work, we still wish to escape from working.

Even though people always think that working in the UK is much more relaxing than in Malaysia, but people who work here still think that holidays are not enough for them. In fact, public holidays in the UK are fewer than Malaysia. Even though I can tell the interpreting company that I just want to work four days a week, but when I realise I’ll have less money, then I give up this idea. This is the reality. So, the only thing I can do is to count down for the coming holiday. What a pity working lady…

Friday is the day I like most in a week. When I was working in Malaysia, I did nothing on Friday night. Just watched TV and ate tit-bits. After staying in the UK, I write articles during holidays: articles for the press, articles for my ex-company and articles for my blogs. I think this is the only way I can escape from my routine duties, i.e. interpreting and thesis writing… Of course, I have lunch or dinner with friends on weekends too. When gathering with friends, I have the chance to laugh as much as I want. This is the way I gain enough energy for the next week’s work.

This is life, we can’t always ‘follow our heart’. But luckily there are holidays when we can ‘follow our heart’. Holiday, what a great occasion!

Let’s enjoy our holidays as much as we can!

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At 08 August, 2006 16:12, Anonymous Shu@珍惜擁有 said...

hi dear, enjoy ur holiday.

ya, 8 public holidays in the UK are definitely not enough, compare with what v hav in Malaysia.

16/07/2006 21:41

At 08 August, 2006 16:13, Anonymous Giek Lian said...

Enjoying my holiday!


17/07/2006 10:37


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