5 Jun 2007

Employment Workshop II

Some companies and organisations in the UK require job seekers to fill in application forms. The reasons why employers use application forms are:
• Pre-selection tool using set criteria;
• Time effective for the employer; and
• Evidence based responses.

We need to do some preparation for filling in application form, like analyse the job as well as identify skills and competencies.

From the advert or job description, we should be able to know what the employer is particularly looking for. There are 25 common attributes here.
1. Willingness to Learn
2. Commitment
3. Dependability
4. Self Motivation
5. Teamwork
6. Communications Skills (Oral)
7. Co-operation
8. Communications Skills (Written)
9. Drive/Energy
10. Self-Management
11. Desire to Achieve
12. Problem-Solving
13. Analytical Ability
14. Flexibility
15. Initiative
16. Can Summarise Key Issues
17. Logical Argument
18. Adaptability (Intellectual)
19. Numeracy
20. Adaptability (Organisational)
21. Commercial Awareness
22. Time Management
23. Self Confidence
24. Ability to Influence Others
25. Creative Thinking

We can use the table below to analyse the job by transferring information from the advert.

Trainee Financial AnalystDo I meet these criteria? (Yes/No)Make a note of evidence you could use to support this.
Top three attributes for this job1.

Other essentials

Other desirables

Am I a suitable applicant?

By the way, some application forms may have competency questions which are designed to check our relevant skills, for example: Describe a situation where you were successful in putting your ideas across. There is a structure to follow to help us to give a full and focused answer.
• Context – brief set the scene
• Action – demonstrate and sell your approach
• Results – briefly outline the outcome.

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