5 Jun 2007

Female Breast Cancer Seminar

Chinese Healthy Living Centre organised a seminar about breast cancer awareness. I helped them to do the interpreting from English into Mandarin.

Here is some information I would like to share with you.

Breast Awareness 5-point Code:
1. Know what is normal for you;
2. Know what changes to look and feel for;
3. Look and feel;
4. Report any changes to your doctor; and
5. Attend for routine breast screening.

Here are the changes to look for:
1. Change in shape;
2. Change in texture;
3. Change in position of nipples;
4. Discharge from one or both nipples; and
5. Rash on or around nipple.

Changes to feel for are:
1. A lump or thickening;
2. A swelling in the armpit or around the collarbone; and
3. A change in sensation.

It’s sad that we do not know exactly what causes breast cancer, so hard to say what method is good to prevent it. What we can do is to have general healthy lifestyle for overall health, i.e. have balanced, healthy diet; take alcohol within recommended limits; regular exercise; cut/stop smoking.

Let’s try our best to live healthily.



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