11 Apr 2006

Culzean Castle

What did you do on April Fool’s Day? From the photos I uploaded this morning, I believe you know that Thiam Kian and I had an outing on that day. We went for a trip to Culzean Castle and Burns Cottage organised by University of Glasgow's International Student Office. Both of the places are in the south west of Glasgow. It took us 1.5 hours to go there.

Let’s talk about Culzean Castle first. Before I forget, let me tell you that we need not to pronounce the "z" for Culzean.

Culzean Castle dates back to the 12th century, but the castle we see nowadays was mainly designed and built in the 18th century. The famous Scottish architect, Robert Adam (1728 - 1792) was the designer of the castle.

It belonged to the Kennedy family. The tour guide emphasised, this Kennedy family has no connection to the Kennedy family in the USA. The purpose for building this castle was because the family wanted to have a big house for all of their family members. Of course, they wanted to defend themselves from their enemies too. Therefore they decided to build the castle at the current location, where there is sea cliff at the back and gutter in the front to provide natural defences to the castle.

Anyway, after staying in this castle for about 150 years, the Kennedy family gave the castle to the National Trust for Scotland in 1945. Do you know why they did so? The reason was that the family was unable to pay 74% of heritage tax to the government. What a high tax, sigh!

After walking around the castle, we moved to the Camellia House. It's a greenhouse in Culzean Country Park. Have you seen the photos we took in front of the Camellia House? My friend, Toung said, the photos we took between branches of the tree are Bollywood style photos. What say you?

Flowers in front of Camellia House attracted our attention. For sure, we took a lot of photos with the yellow flowers. Toung said again, it's impossible for people to be prettier than flowers. Why I always have such honest friends?

It was a great trip as the weather was pretty good. It’s rare to have a whole sunny day in Scotland during the spring, you know. Of course, Toung and Wai San brought a lot of fun to us too. And the happiest thing was we just paid three pounds each for the trip. ^_^



At 02 August, 2006 20:46, Anonymous ooi said...

Hahaha....the famous "ah toung said" is here,
nice one...as promised, come and "conteng-conteng".

18/04/2006 09:12

At 02 August, 2006 20:47, Anonymous Giek Lian said...

Welcome to my blog!
Thank you for your compliment. :)

19/04/2006 09:37


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